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Forest View Animal Hospital Testimonials in Hoffman Estates, IL

Dr. Scholtz is a fantastic vet & his staff are just as wonderful. My 2 dogs are treated so well that they have never been anything but excited to go to the vet! They aren't scared & look forward to the pets and attention. I trust Dr. Scholtz's advice. He's helped us with the basics such as vaccines, testing, ear infections and he's also helped us with more complex situations (like separation anxiety w/ our adopted mutt Maddie).

Some vets can insist that you purchase preventatives like Frontline or Heartguard directly from them and can be slow/difficult if you want to order through an online company, but not Forest View. They make it simple/easy/quick & have never pressured us, in any way, to purchase anything directly from them. They've also sold us larger packages (and allowed us to split them between our two dogs) & have told us about rebates we could use to save money.

Sissy J.
Schaumburg, IL

I live pretty far from this clinic (an hour to drive) but I only trust Dr. Sholts since he's a professional caring vet who doesn't try to overcharge like other places. He is so gentle with my baby, he knows what he's doing and always explains me about the results very well. I highly recommend this place !!

Julie S.
Chicago, IL

Dr.sHoltz,took great care of cat Snowflake!she was sick With abnormal growth.he's a kind caring vet,.the front office lady's can be more friendly,interested in your well being of your animal.I highly recommend this vet!!

James R.
Schaumburg, IL

We've been bringing our pets here for at least the past 15 years. Great Dr. & staff!!

Jim C.
Hoffman Estates, IL

I've been to Forest View Animal Hospital since I moved to Hoffman Est couple years ago and I'm always happy with them. Dr. Scholtz take care of my Maltese Toby,who is 12 years old and he is still very healthy and happy dog. Couple months ago, I adopted another dog a mix breed name Pomi and also they take care her really good. I am very happy and thankful that I found and know this place because I don't trust any other vet. Now, I'm married and moved to Chicago (close to the downtown I use to live 5 min away) I have to drive over an hour to come to Forest View but worth it and I WON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE! I trust Dr. scholtz and I highly recommend!!!

Shelly D.
Chicago, IL

April 2009
It is one of the top 25 veterianarians according to Chicago magazine. And I can attest to the faulous CS and care Dr. Sholtz and staff demonstrated to my babies.

Ling L.
Arlington Heights, IL

I've been taking my pets to Dr. Sholtz for many years. He has a "bedside" manner so caring I wish he was a human doc! Super friendly staff...organized and on time with appointments. You won't be disappointed. ..now to make my overdue appt

Marcy H.
Hoffman Estates, IL

Dr Sholts and his staff are absolutely fantastic. The Dr is very compassionate and has always been very good with our cats over the years. As the other reviews stated, he is very calm with the animals which helps reassure both the pets and the owners. He is very good explaining what is going on medically with our cats. I would never take my pets anywhere else.

J Y.
Hoffman Estates, IL

We like how Dr Scholtz and his staff treat our three cats. He is very patient, doesnt' rush through the visit and answers all our questions. We wouldn't take our pets anywhere else.

My husband's family originally took their dog to Dr. Scholtz back in the 90's and loved the TLC he and his staff gave. As we were applying to adopt our 2 cats, my husband said flat-out: "The cats already have a vet. His name is Dr. Scholtz."
Our cats are fussy, 'fraidy-cat squirm monsters but in his hands they don't make a fuss. They know he's the boss and that he won't hurt them.
I really hope that Dr. Scholtz doesn't retire or sell the practise because I don't know that we'd ever be able to find a vet as caring, thorough, and calm as he is.

Zwee H.
Hoffman Estates, IL

Lexie, Shyanna and Sunny enjoy the care that Dr. Schultz provides. They are never scared to go. With the economy the way it is today, he doesn't over charge for procedures or extra items. He is a little far from us now but worth the drive.

Mike K.
Bartlett, IL

I have only used the grooming services of this clinic and want to say, don't even think about it. I brought in my westie twice for grooming ,1st time was just ok . I was told the groomer had a westie and felt more comfortable. The second time my adorable westie was skinned like a cat. I had explained that as they were very busy, and had no appointments that I was sorry that my dog was slightly matted under his front legs. I had worked on getting out a lot of it myself the night before. There were no apts. before Xmas. They obviously had no time to take at all with my dog, they just buzzed all the hair off of all four legs and cut off all the longer hair that a westie has on the sides of his rib cage and left his tail full and curly like a poodle. His tail is now fuller and thicker than his legs which look like shaved sticks. I could have done a better job myself ,not to mention that its the beginning of winter and my dog is freezing now with no hair. I have resorted to making him wear a sweater so he's not so cold. I've heard great things about the vet but don't bother with the groomer. You would be better off trying it yourself.

Kathy G.
Hoffman Estates, IL