“The staff at this facility are top notch, compassionate and friendly. I feel that both my dogs received the best care possible from these doctors. Dr. Schulz has such a gentle nature that even my “not so friendly ” dog felt comfortable around him. Dr. Bufton was kind, informative and very helpful when our dog became terminally ill. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Kudos to the entire staff!”

– Lois Gresey, Google

“Dr. Scholz and the team at Forest View are the best. The loving care they gave my cat in her later years including the compassion they showed her and my family when it was time to say goodbye at 18 years old was and is really appreciated. They are now providing great care to the kittens I have since adopted.”

– Sasha Nicole, Google

“My eldest cat got scared on the way. She peed and pooped in her carrier, they were so kind and understanding. The nurse even cleaned my carrier out for me and helped me clean up my cat. I have been taking my animals here since my first cat with my parents over 30 years ago. Our family’s 4 dogs, 7 cats and many kittens have only known one vet. All my rescues come to forest view. I Always suggest bringing your furry family members here. They treat you and your animals with kindness and understanding. Both doctors I have taken my animals- both are great! The whole staff make a possibly sad situation easier and always answer my questions even if they are dumb. I have never had a bad visit there. I know when I bring my animals to forest view they will be loved and cared for.”

– Keegan Joy, Google

“I have trusted Forestview Animal Hospital to care for my dogs for the last 18 years. All the staff are caring, knowledgeable, practical, professionals. Always answering my many questions, available when my dogs suddenly become sick and able to diagnose and treat them quickly. I recommend Forestview to all my friends.”

– Pam MacGillivray, Google

“I have been my beloved pets to Dr Sholts for over 20 yrs. Dr Sholts is an excellent vet. I trust him 100% to care for my girls and boy. The staff is very friendly and helpful.”

– Wendy Goss, Google

“Dr. Sholts, Dr. B and their staff are wonderful with all our babies. In the past 8 years we have had many vet needs and the staff have all made our visits effective and comfortable. We have had dogs and cats treated and have been comforted by the staff knowledge and ease with all of them. I have a particularly nervous dog and even she is able to accept treatment with less stress thanks to the staff.”

– Elizabeth Court, Google

“Doctors are great! I’ve rescued a dog, so I didn’t know nothing about his age and his health condition. Doctors patiently answered to all of my questions and luckily, my dog was fine. Also, doctors gave me some recommendations about pills (but actually they look like treats) that I should give my dog every month to protect him from different kinds of worms.”

– Julia Sulinchak, Google

“Dr. Sholts and his staff have cared for our pets for close to 30 years. We typically adopt older dogs who are not easily adoptable and tend to bring with them an array of illnesses or infirmities. We can always rely on the good folks at Forest View to show great care for our pets and help usher us through any difficulties we encounter. We certainly trust these folks as much as our personal physicians.”

– J Murray, Google

“Marlow and Kirby love their vet Dr Bufton. The appointments are always quick and easy. My youngest cat is a bit of a wild card and I wasn’t sure how he was going to react at his check-up last year. As soon as I put the carrier on the exam table, he was as clam as a cucumber. I told the vet this was unlike his normal manner. The secret, they sprayed pheromones on the scale and also had a plug-in in the room. Kirby was a good patient and let the vet do her exam with no problems. The office staff is very friendly and they are very good at answering any questions you may have.”

– Anna Barnes, Google

“Our dogs love everyone here. We get the best cars and they have tried many non-drug methods to treat some conditions and we appreciate that. Even our cats are calm when being treated. Everyone is amazing and so friendly!”

– Cheri Gerlach, Google

“Forest View Animal Hospital is the best. The entire staff is wonderful. We have been seeing Dr. Sholts for 36 years when our first Sheltie started having seizures. We were thrilled when he opened a practice near our home. Their quality, kind, compassionate care has seen us through the coming and leaving of 6 cats and dogs. Since my move, I still travel 40 minutes to the practice.”

– Shirley Bossard, Google

“My family and I have brought our animals here since I was a kid. We refuse to go anywhere else. I highly recommend Forest View. All the wonderful people who work there are highly professional and have a natural affinity with the animals they treat. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. We love you guys! Thank you for taking care of our babies!”

– Su V, Google